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克利福德定律 Offices Files Lawsuits on Behalf of Two More Women on United Flight with Fiery Engine

克利福德定律 Offices filed two more lawsuits in 伊利诺斯州 against United Airlines – now totaling nine — on behalf of two women who were on a flight that took off from Denver when one of its engines exploded and caught fire, forcing the aircraft to return to the airport on Feb. 20, 2021.

辛西娅·普, 61, 和凯利丹尼斯,60, 这两个Raymore, MO, were seated on UA Flight 328, 一架波音777 - 222, that was en route to Honolulu when four minutes after takeoff the right engine failed and was engulfed in flames. Pilots were forced to turn back to Denver as passengers witnessed the plane’s engine on fire on the right side of the wing and engine debris falling to the ground. A loud bang could be heard on the plane’s cockpit voice recorder that was later recovered. Pilots were able to land the plane with one engine 24 minutes later.

A couple from Denver, 科罗拉多州, 弗朗西丝, 68岁, 和罗伯特。, 70, 棕色(的), who were sitting on the right side of the plane began taping the engine on fire on their cell phone. 他们, along with multiple other passengers, suffer from significant trauma and distress as a result of the incident that they thought would be their last moments of life.

克利福德定律 Offices also has filed individual lawsuits on behalf of a couple from King of Prussia, 宾西法尼亚; a man from Woodstock, 马里兰, outside of Baltimore; a man from 爱达荷州 and a passenger from 夏威夷.

The civil lawsuits seek monetary compensation in the Circuit Court of Cook County for personal, pecuniary and emotional damages as a direct result of the emotional trauma passengers experienced on that flight.

“This incident should not have happened from the start,” said 罗伯特一个. 克利福德, founder and senior partner at 克利福德定律 Offices in Chicago, an internationally renowned aviation firm. He is lead counsel in the consolidated litigation involving a Boeing 737 MAX airliner that crashed in Ethiopia two years ago killing all 157 onboard. He represents the families of 72 of those victims. “Maintenance and inspection protocols should be in place that would prevent this type of horror from happening in the first place. These lawsuits will get to the bottom of what happened here so that these passengers can try to find some peace of mind as they attempt to continue with their lives.”

Video taken by the 科罗拉多州 couple while on board showed the engine fully engulfed in flames as the plane flew with 239 people on board. Pieces of the aircraft were discovered on the ground below, including debris that had crashed through a home and other pieces that had narrowly missed a half-dozen teams at soccer practice on a nearby field.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is conducting an investigation into the incident.

For further information or to speak to attorneys Richard F. 伯克,小.或者Charles R. 哈斯金斯, attorneys at 克利福德定律 Offices please contact 克利福德定律 Offices Communications Partner Pamela Sakowicz Menaker at (cell).


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